How to Connect Airfly to Beats

How to Connect Airfly to Beats

Technology has become so advanced that even expert users can find it difficult to navigate certain products. especially since everything is bluetooth nowadays. If your device has a headphone jack, you’ll need to listen to music through your beats with a bluetooth adapter. a good one is airfly. but how do you connect airfly to beats?

These are the steps to connect airfly to beats:

Reading: How to connect airfly to beats

  1. Look for the white button in the center of your airfly device.
  2. Press and hold that button until it repeatedly flashes orange and white.
  3. get your beats headphones.
  4. press the pairing button on your beats headphones.
  5. Once successfully paired, the airfly device should blink twice.

now you know how to pair your airfly device with your beats. Read on to find out what else the Airfly can be paired with, if it needs to be charged, and the battery life. you can also find out more about the product itself and its other model.

what other devices does airfly work with?

the airfly bluetooth adapter works with any bluetooth listening device. Not only that, but if you connect it to a non-bluetooth device, you can listen wirelessly with any wireless headset of your choice.

Here’s a list of devices you can airplay with if you’re curious:

  • TVs
  • speakers
  • laptops
  • phones
  • tablets
  • smart watches

so no matter what you’re listening to, airfly can connect and let you listen to your favorite music and e-books.

It is very common for bluetooth devices to be used for long periods of time and need to be charged. more on that below.

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do you need to charge an airfly adapter?

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some bluetooth devices have replaceable batteries and therefore do not need to be charged. what about airfly?

As a general rule, with any wireless device, airfly adapters need to be charged. you can charge your airfly device with c cable adapter.

The only bad thing about wired charging is that sometimes the charging cable can get damaged or lost. Fear not, amazon has plenty of replacements that can be shipped right to your door so you can get back to hearing your beats.

how long does it take to charge an airfly adapter?

Now that you know you need to charge your device, you may be wondering how long it will take.

The average time for the airfly adapter to fully charge is approximately 2 hours, but this time may vary depending on whether you have a fast charger or are using the device while charging.

If you’re one of those people who just can’t wait to fully charge a device before using it, you saw it right. the airfly can be charged while in use. however, when used for the first time, the creators of this device recommend that it be fully charged.

how long does the battery last in an airfly adapter?

Now you know how long it takes to charge your airfly, but since it’s such a short time, you might be wondering if it takes a short time to charge too.

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The battery life of the airfly adapters is 8 hours on a full charge. This is great if you’re traveling on a plane, on a road trip, or just want to rock out to music. the airfly pro, on the other hand, can last up to 16+ hours.

what is the difference between airfly and airfly pro?

As we mentioned earlier, there is a pro version of airfly. but what does this model offer that the regular version does not?

the main difference between airfly regular and pro is the price; the normal one costs $44.99 and the professional one costs $54.99. While they offer the same features, the Pro allows you to pair your car stereo in RX mode, as well as boats, planes, and even devices like wired speakers.

is airfly an apple product?

airfly has a very clean and elegant white feel, similar to some of the world’s favorite apple products, and can even be paired with compatible apple devices, such as airpods and iphone, but is it an apple product itself?

airfly is not an apple product. Its developer company is Dowel South, which appears to be associated with Apple and some of its products. While not an Apple product per se, the AirFly Bluetooth Adapter can be viewed and purchased at Apple Stores.

If you are looking for a bluetooth adapter that is an apple product, you can also find it on amazon. however, they may offer less versatility to the devices they can be connected to.


It’s quite apparent that the airfly bluetooth adapter is a beast of a device! With the ability to pair with virtually any device, a 2-hour charge time, and 8-hour battery life, you get a bang for your buck.

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now you know how to use this device with your beats headphones.

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