How to Bind Your Traxxas Transmitter to the Receiver - RC Superstore

How to Bind Your Traxxas Transmitter to the Receiver – RC Superstore

Traxxas RC cars and trucks come ready to run, meaning the transmitter is linked to the receiver at the factory. but things do happen, and you may have broken your receiver and needed to buy a new one or your transmitter and receiver just somehow fell apart. If you need to re-pair your transmitter and receiver or pair new ones, the process is very easy. all it takes is a few minutes to get your traxxas vehicle back on track.

what you will need

For this process, you will only need three items: the transmitter, the receiver, and a screwdriver. if you don’t already have one on hand or are looking to upgrade your tools, the rc superstore has a great selection of traxxas tools and tool kits.

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step 1: shutdown

Before you begin, you must ensure that both the vehicle and the transmitter are turned off. The transmitter’s power button can usually be found on the base, and you’ll need to remove your vehicle’s body to access the power button.

step 2: access the receiver link button

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Depending on your traxxas vehicle model, the link button may already be easily accessible. however, you may have your receiver hidden in a waterproof box. use your screwdriver to remove the cover of the box. you now have access to the link button, but you shouldn’t press it yet.

step 3: press and hold the adjustment button on the transmitter

Locate the adjustment button on your transmitter. it should be along the top. hold this button down while turning on the transmitter. the light on the transmitter should flash. this lets you know it’s in bind mode.

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step 4: press and hold the bind button on the receiver

then press and hold the link button on the receiver while turning on speed control.

step 5: wait for a steady green led to come on

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With the transmitter and receiver turned on and in pairing mode, all you need to do is wait. once they have been linked, there will be a solid green led on each one.

step 6: enjoy your traxxas vehicle

You have now successfully paired your traxxas transmitter and receiver, and it’s time to enjoy it. Put the body back on your vehicle, take it to your favorite track and easily steer it through twists and turns with your transmitter.

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