How to set up the Car FM Stereo Transmitter with a portable device and a car stereo. | Sony USA

How to set up the Car FM Stereo Transmitter with a portable device and a car stereo. | Sony USA

How to set up the Car FM Stereo Transmitter with a portable device and a car stereo. | Sony USA

How to connect a fm transmitter

Warning: Risk of personal injury exists. do not connect or use this unit, a boom box, or a portable audio device while driving or waiting at traffic lights. park in a safe place first.

Important: If you need model-specific information to complete any of these steps, see the instructions provided with the product. the manuals are published on the support page of your model.


  • Use the transmitter only when the car is running. if the transmitter is left plugged into the cigarette lighter socket when the car is off, the car’s battery may consume power.
  • be sure to install the transmitter where it will not affect the function of the airbag, where it will not interfere with your driving and is out of the reach of children.
  • never make connections and operations while driving your car.
  1. To program the car stereo, do the following:

    1. turn on car stereo.
    2. turn down car stereo volume.
    3. set car stereo to fm.
    4. select an fm frequency between 88.1mhz and 107.9mhz which is currently not used.

      Note: FM reception may change as your location changes. if the selected station is occupied by a broadcast signal, select another open frequency.

      To install the transmitter, follow these steps:

      1. Turn the frequency selection dial to select the same frequency as you set on the car stereo.

        note: the selected frequency will appear in the display window.

        Note: If your portable audio device has separate headphone and line-out settings, please set the portable audio device to headphone settings. the sound will be distorted if connected to line output.


        • You can adjust the angle of the transmitter so that the display indication is easy to see.
        • Keep turning the frequency selection dial clockwise to change the frequencies. frequency channels.
        • The next time you turn on the transmitter, the transmitter will tune to the last selected frequency.


        • if applicable, do not activate the bass boost or equalizer function on the portable audio device. otherwise, the sound may be distorted.
        • Set the volume control on the portable audio device as high as possible, but not so loud that the audio signal is distorted. if the sound is still low, turn up the volume on the car stereo.


        • The method of installing the antenna cable will depend on the make of your car. find the position that provides the best reception, and then install the cable.
        • place the antenna cable near the car antenna. this can help improve transmitter reception.
        • For more information on the car radio antenna, refer to the car’s operating instructions.

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