Kenya | How to Connect Canon Printer to Phone - Carlcare

Kenya | How to Connect Canon Printer to Phone – Carlcare

Kenya | How to Connect Canon Printer to Phone – Carlcare

How to connect a cannon printer

Gone are the days when you needed a computer and a printer to print a document or image. Today, you can easily print documents on the go with Canon printers and your smartphone’s Wi-Fi if you know how to connect a Canon printer to your phone.

Wireless printing is an increasingly popular option for printing jobs with photos, emails, documents and other content with an android phone. but if you don’t know how to connect a canon printer to your phone, using the canon mobile print app can be difficult.

Let’s take a look at ways to wirelessly print photos and documents directly from your smartphone with a Canon printer.

How to Connect Canon Printer to Phone

tips to connect the canon printer to the phone

There are two ways to connect a mobile device to a Canon printer:

  • connect via wi-fi with the canon print app
  • establish a direct peer-to-peer (p2p) connection

how to connect canon printer to phone via wi-fi

follow these steps to setup canon printer for your android/ios device:

  • download the canon print app from google play store for android or app store for ios
  • install it and make sure the printer is connected to the mains and turned on
  • check the wifi signal (a blue light) on the printer, making sure it is flashing quickly with the online light
  • launch the canon print app
  • tap add printer on the main screen
  • press register printer > printer setup
  • touch the option connect via wireless router
  • choose the access point or name of the wireless network you want to use
  • provide the password for the wireless network and press ok
  • when the network settings have been sent to the canon printer , press ok when prompted
  • confirm that the printer has been detected and select the name of the printer to connect your device
  • then press ok to confirm and use the print option to run a test print

how to connect canon printer to phone via p2p connection

  • on the mobile portal, click direct connection
  • using the scanner in the app, scan the qd code, and then follow the instructions provided
  • pair your android phone via bluetooth with the printer
  • or you can touch your smartphone or tab to the canon printer via near field communication (nfc)
  • this procedure requires additional phone accessories

Note: Direct connection can support up to five phones at a time.

how to print from your phone with wireless routers

once you’ve mastered how to connect a canon printer to a phone, you can now print wirelessly over wi-fi. let’s see how to send images from android device to selphy printer using wi-fi.

  • to connect your smartphone with canon print inkjet selphy via wi-fi, android 4.1 and above is required
  • check the android version of your phone (settings &gt ; about phoneor my phone) to see if your device is eligible
  • for ios, the requirement is ios 9.0 and above
  • download canon print inkjet/selphy app from google play store or app store
  • turn on wi-fi on your phone and connect to selphy
  • start printing by pressing the canon print inkjet/selphy icon on the phone

why cant i connect my canon printer to my phone?

Before using a wireless connection, it is recommended that you read the wi-fi precautions in your canon printer’s manual. That way you can avoid common connectivity issues when using the printer over Wi-Fi with an android phone.

These are some of the main reasons why you may not be able to connect your Canon printer to your mobile device:

android phone is in airplane mode. check your device if airplane mode is on and turn it off. then reconnect to the printer.

The android version of your smartphone is not supported. Canon printers may not support Wi-Fi connections with phones running Android OS version earlier than 4.1. therefore, before you begin, check your smartphone’s environment to make sure it meets the requirements of your printer’s operating system.

wi-fi connection in ad-hoc mode. Your phone cannot establish a wireless (wi-fi) connection with a canon printer in ad-hoc mode.

Not all features can be used with wireless printing. Some canon printer features are not available when printing documents over Wi-Fi.

how do i connect to a canon wireless printer?

Canon printers come with a fascinating array of features, one of which is the ability to connect a PC or smartphone (both Android phones and iPhones) via wireless LAN to print documents with ease. Here’s how to use the printer’s wireless feature:

how to change printer settings

  • make sure the canon printer is turned on
  • press & press and hold the wi-fi button and then release it once the power lamp blinks three times
  • make sure the power lamp changes from blinking to on
  • if it doesn’t change, repeat the second step above.

To connect via Wi-Fi to the printer, follow the procedure described in the first section of this article. once connected, you can print your images, documents and others using the print option as explained above.

final thoughts

If you are familiar with how to connect a canon printer to your phone, you can conveniently print photos, documents, emails and other content wirelessly with your android phone using the canon printer.

These printers come with a range of exciting specs and features, and one of their capabilities allows you to print over Wi-Fi with an Android phone or iPhone.

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