Can you have multiple snapchat accounts? (How to do it) | Izood

Can you have multiple snapchat accounts? (How to do it) | Izood

If you’re a fan of snapchat, you know that one snapchat account isn’t enough for some people. For example, if you have a business, you might want to use two Snapchat accounts. one for business and the other for personal use. in this way, you divide your friends from your customers.

In this text, you will see that you can have multiple snapchat accounts and learn many details and tricks about it.

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you can have multiple snapchat accounts

could also be your question and the answer is no. snapchat allows you to create a personal and a business account (which you have to switch between). because social media managers know that some of you may need more than one account for different reasons. You may be disappointed, but don’t worry because people always find different paths. Nowadays, it’s easy to fix this problem and create two snapchat accounts.

One way most people use it is to sign up with different emails or phone numbers. but they have to sign out of one snapchat account and then use another one to sign in. It may seem like a tedious procedure, and it is. but here you can learn about other unofficial ways to use multiple snapchat accounts.

how to have multiple snapchat accounts

  • First method: Find out if your phone has a “dual” app/messaging feature.

Some manufacturers build in a feature for their smartphones and allow you to run two snapchat accounts on one phone. In this way, you can use multiple snapchat accounts without downloading a third-party app.

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on a samsung device

a clear example is samsung devices. feature a special feature called the “dual messaging” feature. what you have to do is enable samsung dual messenger by going to settings app. find advanced features, then tap dual messenger.

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Here you will see a list of apps that you can clone to sign in with a different account. choose snapchat to activate it. then it will ask you to install the second snapchat app. finally, you have two instances of snapchat on your device. the secondary is an orange icon containing two circles.

on other oems

While not all oems give you this feature as simple as samsung, you can find it using some simple tricks.

here, you will learn how to find the dual apps feature on other oems.

  • oneplus: settings -> utilities -> parallel apps
  • xiaomi: settings > dual apps
  • huawei: settings > apps > twin app

if you are using any other oem, you need to open the settings app and look for the “double” or “two” options. Please pay attention that some oems like nokia, motorola, google don’t have this feature.

You can use these ways to have two snapchat accounts on one device. while snapchat looks for such methods to use multiple accounts on one device, it is not important for some people.

  • Second method: try a third-party clone app (android)

The next option is to use a clone application. These apps create multiple spaces on your phone to use multiple accounts in a single app like snapchat. Here, I introduce some of these clone apps.

  • parallel application
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the parallel app is a popular choice among tech enthusiasts and snapchat users. use this app to have multiple accounts on a single device.

To use the parallel application, you must install it on your device. then open the app and tap the add button. scroll down to find snapchat and tap add. you will see a number “1” on snapchat, which shows you that it is another instance of snapchat. choose snapchat and open it in parallel. now, you have a new snapchat account, log in and start using it.

  • 2accounts – double space & dual applications

you can use 2accounts as another app to create a new instance of snapchat (or any other app). you can do the steps as in the previous application. install and open the app, select the add button, tap snapchat, sign in and use another snapchat account.

  • superclone

the last app i want to introduce is super clone. it is a good option to quickly switch between two instances of snapchat. As you can understand from its name, this app clones snapchat and allows parallel space. now, you can run two iterations of the snapchat app. Just like other app clone apps, you need to use a different email or phone number to sign in.

you can have 2 snapchat accounts with the same phone number

as you read above, snapchat allows you to have two snapchat accounts, if one of them is business and the other is personal. or you can use two different mobile devices to have two personal snapchat accounts. You can also use clone apps that allow you to use different emails or phone numbers.

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but if you only have one mobile device and want to use one phone number, you can’t have more than one snapchat account at a time. snapchat has a registration process, in which the app will send you a text message with a verification code to finish the process. so you cannot use a phone number as a valid option for more than one account to receive sms.


if you are a snapchat user, you would like to have more than one account due to your special reasons. here, you can read all about having multiple snapchat accounts, its possibilities and restrictions, and how to do it.

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