Can You Use Two AV Receivers Together? - Home Theater Heroes

Can You Use Two AV Receivers Together? – Home Theater Heroes

You may have different speakers in separate rooms within your home and want to plug two receivers into one speaker or want to use the second receiver as an amplifier. it’s possible? can two av receivers be used simultaneously?

yes, you can use two av receivers together. Using two AV receivers together is useful when connecting devices or using the second receiver as an amplifier. Linking two receivers doesn’t equal a better sound system, but it does give you playback options.

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In this article, we’ll go over AV receivers and their functions in your home audio system. You’ll also see how two AV receivers can be used together, how a second receiver can be used as an amplifier, and how two receivers can be connected to one speaker. Finally, you’ll see how stereo and surround sound systems can be combined within an AV system.

what is an av receiver?

It is best to know the exact purpose of an AV receiver to determine if you can use two AV receivers together. In general, an AV receiver works as a driver and controller for your home audio system. In particular, an AV receiver does the following:

  • an av receiver is linked to its audio sources and can switch between them. Every audio source within your home should be connected to your AV receiver for optimal sound performance. your av receiver allows amplification of those sounds, whenever you switch to the audio source you are listening to.
  • amplifies the audio from your video sources. Whether you’re watching movies or other clips, your AV receiver plays an important role in ensuring you receive crisp, clear, high-quality sound from your video sources.
  • An AV receiver has a built-in tuner. radio . You’ll benefit from this if you like to listen to radio stations, but it’s otherwise irrelevant to this article.
  • An AV receiver interprets digital and analog sounds, and then translates them for you accordingly. it’s useful in the modern age and makes av receivers stand out from typical stereo receivers.
  • amplifies and sends sound signals to multiple speakers. If you have numerous separate devices and speakers throughout your home, this is most likely why you’re trying to use two AV receivers together in the first place.
  • Allows you to control your entire home theater system . comes with a remote control that allows you to freely choose your home audio experience and customize your sound preferences.
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can two av receivers be connected?

so, as you may have inferred from the av receiver features, you will only need one receiver unless your audio sources are in separate rooms. likewise, you’ll benefit more from getting a high-end amplifier or receiver rather than using two receivers so that one can act as an amplifier.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, can’t get a better receiver, or have additional receivers you want to use, you can use two receivers to accomplish your purpose.

so you can use two av receivers together as long as they are compatible with each other. Having two receivers won’t give your home audio system a significant boost when it comes to sounds, but it can play different roles.

By connecting two AV receivers together, you can use the second receiver as an amplifier, link receivers into a speaker, and combine stereo and surround sound devices within one AV system. we’ll review how to do that next.

how to connect two av receivers together

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linking two av receivers is simple. all you have to do is:

  1. turn on your first av receiver and look for something labeled “output”.
  2. turn on your second av receiver and look for its “input”.
  3. you will find them as connectors red and white on the back of your receivers.
  4. use an rca cable to connect the output of the first receiver to the input of the second receiver.
  5. make sure your colors match each other yes to secure av receivers successfully.

You can also experiment with other audio connections.

using a second receiver as an amplifier

AV receivers help with sound amplification, but they don’t give as much boost as an amplifier. the amplifiers power the sounds while the receivers receive and control the audio.

If you’d like a video comparing and explaining the difference between receivers and amplifiers in more detail, check out jonah matthes’ youtube clip:

You may want to use a second receiver as an amplifier. Hooking up two AV receivers so that one acts as an amplifier takes a bit of work, but it saves you money. it also allows you to find some use for your stored and neglected second receiver.

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To use a second receiver as an amplifier, follow these steps:

  1. find the amplifier output of the first receiver.
  2. connect the amplifier output to the analog input of the second receiver.
  3. find the “direct multichannel” of the first receiver. in its playback mode. choose it as your playback setting.
  4. set the number of channels you are amplifying.
  5. look for the first receiver’s expert settings menu.
  6. choose multiple channels again and choose a “direct output” mode.
  7. your second receiver can now act as an amplifier.

However, please note that this may not work for all receivers and only some may have these options. an example of a receiver with this option is pioneer vsx-49txi.

how to connect two receivers to one set of speakers

One of the main reasons to use two receivers together is to save money on buying more speakers. when you can link receivers into a set of speakers, you can listen to audio from different sources without much trouble.

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However, note that you will need to be careful when doing this. there is a chance that you will fry your devices if you link them incorrectly. therefore, the best way to merge two receivers into one set of speakers is to use a speaker switch.

Excellent examples of speaker switches are the Niles Amp/Speaker Selector and the Amazon 2-Way Amp Receiver Switch. alternatively, you can opt for a banana plug such as the amazonbasics speaker connector to easily install your speakers.

To connect two AV receivers to one set of speakers, follow these steps:

  1. Look on the rear panels of the receivers for the amplifier connectors labeled input and the speaker connectors labeled output.
  2. run the speaker wire from the back of the first amplifier to the first input.
  3. run the speaker cable from the back of the second amplifier to the second input.
  4. make sure the cables are connected in parallel, where the right is to right and left is to left, positive is positive and negative is negative.
  5. connect the speaker wire to the jack outputs of the first receiver and do the same for the second receiver.
  6. again, make sure the plugs are connected in parallel.
  7. use the front panel to switch between receivers.
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how to combine surround sound and stereo in an av system

Most of the time, you’re forced to choose between stereo or surround audio when listening to two-channel music. however, if you can’t accept that fact, you may have decided to do something about it. this may include combining your stereo and surround av receivers into a single av system.

This is made possible by selecting receivers that do not overlap each other. your receivers should work just fine, but not so good that one of them gets weaker than the other. In short, you’ll use one receiver to produce surround sound and the other to produce stereo audio.

To connect two receivers in one AV system, you need to follow these steps:

  1. connect the front left and right speakers to the appropriate terminals on the stereo receiver.
  2. connect the other speakers to the corresponding jacks on your AV system.
  3. use the standard analog. It interfaces to link your AV’s front pre-outs to your stereo’s input.
  4. Then calibrate your speakers using your AV system’s built-in settings.
  5. You can find out how To do this, consult your receiver’s manual, but some receivers will have an option labeled “Amplifier Assign,” which allows you to tell your AV system that you’re using an external device.

final thoughts

you can use two av receivers together. The main reasons for connecting two AV receivers are to use the second receiver as an amplifier, to use a set of speakers for separate receivers, and to combine surround sound and stereo within one AV system.

If you plan to use two AV receivers together for any of these reasons, feel free to follow the instructions above. However, if you’re trying to pair AV receivers in the belief that more receivers equals better sound output, you’ll be better off buying a higher-end receiver.

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