How to Connect 2 Motherboards Together? - PC Gear Hunt

How to Connect 2 Motherboards Together? – PC Gear Hunt

If you have been using a PC for quite some time, you may have thought about how to connect two motherboards. working from home has really changed the approach to work. and, if the job demands powerful and robust processing, it becomes essential to synchronize the multiple mobos!

as you know motherboard is the main circuit board which ensures communication and information between other components like ram memory and cpu smoothly so the biggest annoyance indicates that it is the ultimate power to the execution of tasks.

Reading: How to connect 2 motherboards together

The important thing to consider before opting for the sync connection between two motherboards is the working approach. For now, there is no game available on the market that works with the use of two processors simultaneously.

so, when you connect two motherboards to each other, it’s pretty obvious that either one will be sitting idle for gaming. however, for regular tasks it will work fine.

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Before knowing whether or not you can connect 2 motherboards together or if so, how, it is important to know which is the latest motherboard offered to you.

Is it possible to connect two motherboards together?

yes it is possible as long as both boards have ethernet so crossover cable is feasible. for the serial port you will need a null modem cable. if you’re concerned with increasing processing power, software like vmware esxi helps set that up.

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recent motherboard and its offer

  • many motherboards come with cpu slots that easily accommodate multiple processors within their slots.
  • you also get the memory slots for expansion or upgrade. comes with dimm, dram chip, ddr3, ddr4 or ddr5 depending on your motherboard choice and manufacture.
  • a non-volatile memory.

connect two motherboards together

Running two motherboards as a multi-computer makes your system more like a server setup. In addition to that, for office and more robust work performance, connecting the motherboard “as one” is more like a necessity. you can get the most optimal end result being operated via a single screen and a single keyboard, obviously!

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For the process to be practical, you need a dedicated adapter. in addition there are many internal functions that are essential to operate in order to set up smooth operation. There is good news even though connecting the motherboards sounds technical, it is quite simple to do so. you really don’t have to be a techie. dual cpu motherboards help a lot to get to the premium output.

so here’s how you do it

1. all motherboards have bios along with ide controller, agp/pci controller, southbridge and northbridge controller and many more to communicate with the processor. So, to get two motherboards in synchronization state, watch the cpu for smooth communication between each component and the other circuit board.

2. certainly, the motherboard can’t work unless you turn it on. and to do the connectivity between other boards you will need psu’s (power supplies). If both motherboards have ethernet, use the crossover cable. however, for serial ports, choose an empty modem cable. now connect the computer to the power outlet, also connect the network adapter and place it next to it.

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3. after that, connect one end of the ethernet crossover cable to the ethernet port, while the other end to the same computer (motherboard) you want to connect with, and then reverse to the adapter.

4. At this point, connect your computer monitor cable to the display cable connector on the back of the adapter. however, if desired, connect the keyboard cable to the keyboard cable port on the back of the adapter.

Now turn on your computer and get display and control from a single keyboard!

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