How To Connect 2 12V Batteries To Make 24V? [Updated On- 2022]

How To Connect 2 12V Batteries To Make 24V? [Updated On- 2022]

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it is impossible to make a 24 volt battery using only a 12 volt battery. you need two batteries to make a 24 volt battery.

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some people put 2 batteries in series and others use 2 batteries in parallel. doing the circuit with 2 batteries in series will double the voltage, so it doesn’t matter which way you connect the wires. the best you can do is have 2 batteries in series and place them on a flat surface so they don’t move around when you drive your car.

so how to connect 2 12v batteries to make 24v? Two or more batteries are the same. if the batteries are connected in series, they will have 24 volts, but it won’t matter how long you have to charge your car. the amperage stays the same no matter what voltage you use.

To make a 24-volt battery, you need two 12-volt batteries. it’s moderately easy to do if you follow these rules:

two 12v batteries make 24v?

yes, two 12v batteries will produce 24v. There are two ways to connect the batteries. In a series connection, you add the voltage of two batteries together. in a parallel connection, the amperage adds, but the voltage stays the same.

so if you were to try to power a 24v device with a parallel connection of 12v batteries, the battery would not be able to provide enough amps to run that device at full power. if you were to connect two 12v batteries in a series connection, yes, the voltage would be equal to 24.

in some cases you may need more than 12 volts from a 24 volt device. if you connected two 24v batteries in a series connection, yes, the voltage would be equal to 48v.

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how to connect 2 12v batteries to make a 24v diagram?

steps on: how to make 24v with two 12v batteries?

step 1:

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connect the cable to the positive (+) terminal of a battery.

step 2:

Connect the other end of the cable to the negative (-) terminal of the second battery. now, you have two unused terminals. one is the negative (-) terminal of the first battery and the other is the positive (+) terminal of the second battery.

step 3:

It’s time to connect the unused terminal, connect the first negative (-) battery terminal with a connector and use another connection cable to connect the second (+) battery terminal. don’t let them touch. now there is 24 volts.

step 4:

after completing the third step, you have two terminals: (+) and (-).

Connect the negative (-) end of the cable to the negative terminal of your power unit. connect the rest of the line to the positive (+) terminal of your power unit when you are ready to go. the batteries will now provide 24 volts, allowing you to use your 24 volt power pack.

what are the possible applications for a 24v battery supply (dual battery)?

The 24v battery is ideal for many different industries including construction, mining, and manufacturing. these industries often have large power demands that cannot be met by individual 12 or 24 volt batteries.

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A dual battery system provides more power than a single 12 or 24 volt battery and offers redundancy if one of the batteries fails. this means your equipment will continue to work even if one of the batteries fails. here i would like to show you what kind of devices can work with 24v dc power.

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01. race car ballast:

Two batteries can supply ballast for automobiles. this is especially important in classes where the rules do not allow additional weight.

02. drag car without alternator:

Suppose you are driving a car that has no alternator and only uses the battery for ignition. in that case, you can use one battery to power your ignition system and the other to power everything else.

03. high-end cars. they have zoot sound systems:

some cars have sound systems. if the car has speakers that play loud music, you may need a battery for this. this is called an “auxiliary” battery. the normal battery powers normal things in the car, like turning on the lights and starting it when you press the “start” button to drive away. when you turn off the engine, the auxiliary battery will power your sound system so it doesn’t go off when you’re parked at night with all the speakers on.

04. hard boot with lots of advances and high compression:

You can get more cold cranking amps by using batteries in parallel to generate 12 volts, but there are other things to check before doing so. you’d better make sure the voltage isn’t too high or your battery isn’t weak.

05. maximum starting power:

Your car may not start when you need it to. so you will need new batteries. but sometimes even two new batteries in your car still don’t work. that’s when you need to connect the battery terminal of one battery to the other battery terminal, and then you will have more power so your car can start again. but this only works if your car needs a lot of power to start; if not, it won’t work!

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06. 24 volt full time:

24 volt system is good for jets. may not be good for cars. some car parts will be broken if you use 24 volts. worse yet, you can’t get replacement car parts because they are only available in 12 volts! if you want to use this system, connect two 12 volt batteries and put them in your car to compensate for the other 12 volts.

07. a dual 12/24 volt system:

A 24 volt continuous duty solenoid can be used to make a series/parallel distribution circuit that sends out 24 volts when the ignition is turned on. this way, you have power for your starter motor. the solenoid defaults to 12 volts when the car is running, so you have power for everything else in your vehicle, like lights and wipers.


If you’re looking to increase the voltage of your electrical system, you need to understand how it works. the easiest way to do this would be to add two 12 volt batteries in series. this will create 24 volts without significantly increasing amperage. It should also be noted that if one battery fails or dies, the other will continue to function independently and will not need to be replaced due to an imbalance in power requirements.

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