How To Hook Up A Nintendo Switch To Your TV?

How To Hook Up A Nintendo Switch To Your TV?

With around 110 million units sold, the Nintendo Switch is the fifth best-selling console. however, its popularity in recent years raises questions for new users. for example, how to connect nintendo switch to tv?

Most people use the Nintendo Switch as a handheld device and play games like Animal Crossing anywhere and anytime. however, there are more ways to enjoy it, as it is the main benefit that nintendo offers.

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Look, the switch is a hybrid console. lives in the gap between home consoles and portable consoles. then, you can connect it to a screen and play; or you can take it off and continue playing on the go.

It may seem difficult for newcomers, but we are explaining how nintendo switch tv mode works step by step. In particular, we start by explaining what you get when you buy a Nintendo Switch.

the nintendo switch pack

nintendo switch bundle

Let’s discuss what you get when buying the console to understand how to use the full benefits of the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch OLED. These are the items within its case:

  • The Nintendo Switch console itself. It’s a display that looks like a tablet.
  • The Nintendo Switch Dock. It’s a black enclosure you use to plug the console into the TV.nintendo switch dock
  • The Joy-Con gamepad set. These are two controllers, one for each hand. The pieces ship with straps, plus a grip that connects the two controllers con controllers
  • An HDMI cable.
  • The proprietary A/C adapter.

The original package supports TV mode, desktop mode and laptop mode. it sells for less than xbox one or ps4, which is part of the reason for its success.

There’s an even cheaper model, the Nintendo Switch Lite. The alternative ships without the Dock device, so you can only use it in handheld mode. nintendo switch lite

Also, there are some games that do not support handheld mode, namely:

  • 1-2-switch
  • Physical Boxing
  • Physical Boxing 2: Rhythm & exercise
  • just dance (the whole saga)
  • nintendo labo
  • nintendo switch sports
  • super mario party

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so to connect the nintendo switch to the tv you need to buy the original package instead of the lite model. in other words, make sure the console has its docking device.

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nintendo game mode switch

You will also need to understand how each game mode works on the Nintendo Switch.

The most common mode is “Handheld.” You’d connect the Joy-con gamepads on each side of the console and take them with you. It will work on almost any Nintendo Switch game, as long as it’s charged. nintendo switch handheld

The second mode is using “Tabletop.” The main screen has a “leg,” so you can place it anywhere and play with the Joy-Con controllers. Similarly, it can work as long as it has charge. nintendo switch tabletop mode

Lastly, the TV Mode allows you to play on 1080P on a TV or display. You’d place the console on its docking station and play with the Joy-Con controllers. nintendo tv mode

how to connect nintendo switch to tv?

Connecting the Nintendo Switch to a TV requires using its docking station, AC power adapter, and HDMI cable. obviously you need a tv or display with an hdmi port.

These are the specific instructions:

  1. Place the Dock on a stable and preferably cold surface (like wood or stone). It should be close to the TV.
  2. Open the back of the Dock to discover the connector plugs.dock back
  3. Plug the AC adapter into the “AC Adapter” slot. nintendo dock ac adapter
  4. Then, plug the other end of the AC adapter into the power output.
  5. Now, plug the HDMI cable into the “HDMI” slot. hdmi cable nintendo dock
  6. Similarly, plug the other end of the HDMI cable into the TV’s HDMI port.
  7. Close the Dock’s back cover, but route the cables through its opening. nintendo switch dock route cables
  8. Place the Nintendo Switch inside the Dock. It should “click.” put switch into dock
  9. Make sure the Switch’s screen faces to the front of the Dock. The front of the dog displays the Nintendo Switch logo. When you place it properly, you should see a “charging icon” on the screen. nintendo switch on dock
  10. Detach the Joy-Con controllers from the Nintendo Switch screen. You can press the button on the back of the controllers and then slide it upwards to unplug it from the Switch screen. take controllers out of nintendo switch
  11. Plug the Joy-Con peripherals into the grip, or use it with the wrist straps. This is optional, of course, but it’s very comfortable. joy con on grip
  12. To connect the Joy-Cons into the grip, you can simply slide them into place.slide joy con controllers into place
  13. Power the Switch and your TV. nintendo switch power button
  14. Alternatively, you can press and hold the Home button on your controller to turn the console on. nintendo switch home console
  15. Adjust the input of your TV to match the HDMI port you used.
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The switch screen will turn off when you use the base, but you should see the switch logo on the TV. now, you are ready to play.

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and if you want to disconnect it from the TV, just turn off the console, disconnect the cables and remove the switch from the base.

related questions

can the nintendo switch be connected to a tv without the base?

The base of the nintendo switch may be damaged or you may have lost it. Regardless of the case, the switch cannot be connected directly to the TV. you need the dock, a docking station, or a usb-c to hdmi adapter.

The switch connects to the dock via its USB Type-C output. the switch display has a female port, while the base has a male port to connect to the console. so the base has hdmi ports, a/c adapter and usb.

then if you want an alternative, the adapter would have to mimic the same inputs and outputs, namely:

  • one usb type c input for power supply
  • one hdmi port
  • one usb 3.0 port (only if you want to use nintendo switch pro controller)
  • a usb-c port to connect the switch (female)

The USB-C to HDMI adapter would look something like this: usb to hdmi adapter

Nintendo sells the base separately, but it’s quite expensive. Besides, it only works with Nintendo Switch or OLED Nintendo Switch. the lite version does not have the proper outlets to work with a docking station or adapter.

what if the nintendo switch can’t connect to the tv?

There is more than one reason why your switch might not want to connect to the TV. try to check each potential problem until you find the cause of the problem.

  • The switch is on, but the TV is on the wrong input. Sometimes it’s easy to miss which setting the TV is on, especially if there are multiple of the same input, like four HDMI inputs on the TV. each one will have its own number, but getting them confused is a common problem.
  • you are using the wrong cables or your cables are damaged.
  • you have set the switch on the dock incorrectly. you can make some adjustments that might fix the problem you are having.
  • something in the system needs to be reset, be it the ac adapter or the switch itself.
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here is a complete guide to troubleshoot connection between switch and tv.

additional considerations

The switch design provides additional benefits to its user, especially when using the console in its television mode.

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  • The Joy-Con design allows you to share games with others, even if the games don’t have co-op. Each player can use a Joy-Con in one hand.
  • Many Nintendo Switch games also support local multiplayer with a single Joy-Con controller. Each player would use one-half of the device and, often, use it horizontally. A great example is a rogue-lite game “The Binding of Isaac.” Mario Party, Mario Kart, and other Mario games work this way. joy con horizontal controller
  • Other games support multiple Joy-Con and various players on a single console. This works through a variety of gameplay options. However, a Nintendo Switch ships with a single Joy-Con set.
  • The Joy-Con set sports a grip accessory. It allows the peripheral to work as a regular controller. Another option is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, but you’d have to buy it separately. nintendo switch pro controller
  • The Pro Controller connects to the console via a USB Type-C to USB cable. The port is also on the back of the console.
  • Up to eight Nintendo Switch consoles can share a local multiplayer session.

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