How to fix a laptop that won&x27t connect to Wi-Fi | Asurion

How to fix a laptop that won&x27t connect to Wi-Fi | Asurion

It’s happened to all of us: You pick up your laptop to watch a movie, but when you sit down and open your browser, your computer won’t connect to Wi-Fi. what should you do?

At Asurion, our experts help millions of customers get the most out of their technology and troubleshoot their devices. Here’s your guide to why your laptop won’t connect to Wi-Fi and how you can fix it.

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why won’t my computer connect to wi-fi?

There are many reasons why your Mac® laptop or PC may be having trouble connecting to a wireless network. These are some of the most common problems:

  • your device is in airplane mode or has wi-fi turned off.
  • your router is not working.
  • you are entering the wrong wi-fi password.
  • Your laptop is too far from your router.
  • Your device may not be compatible with the Wi-Fi network you are connecting to.

how to fix your laptop to connect to wifi

If your computer won’t connect to Wi-Fi, the solution could be something simple (rebooting is always a good first step) or more complicated. try each of these options until one of them reconnects your apple® laptop or pc.

make sure wifi is on

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It may sound simple, but the first step you should take to fix the problem is to check that your wi-fi hasn’t been accidentally turned off.

on a mac:

Go to the apple menu in the upper left corner. then click system preferences > the net. if you see a button to turn on wi-fi, click it and connect to your network.

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on a windows™ 10 computer:

click the internet icon in the lower right corner. Make sure the Wi-Fi box is blue, indicating it’s on. if not, click on it and connect to your network. also make sure airplane mode is off.

reboot your router

Restarting your router can help fix connectivity issues by clearing cache and refreshing connections. here’s how:

  1. Disconnect all cables from your router, and then unplug it. removing cables can help eliminate static on the lines, which can affect your connection.
  2. wait at least 30 seconds, then plug it back in.
  3. once your router turned on again, wait at least two minutes before trying to connect to Wi-Fi.

confirm your password

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wi-fi passwords are case sensitive and can be long and complicated, especially if you are using the default password that comes with your network. Make sure you’re using the correct password for the network you’re trying to join, and be precise when entering each letter, number, or symbol.

move your laptop closer to your router

If your laptop is far away from your router or if there are many walls between the two, your computer may not be able to receive a strong signal. move your laptop to an area that is within 10 to 15 feet of your router and free of obstructions, then try to connect. Do you have that spot in your space that always seems to have a weak Wi-Fi signal? a wireless mesh network might help.

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connect to a compatible network

Your router may have two Wi-Fi frequency bands, one labeled 2.4GHz and the other labeled 5GHz. Typically, the 2.4GHz band provides better coverage and the 5GHz band provides faster speeds. if one band doesn’t work for you, try the other.

run your laptop’s troubleshooting software

both mac and pc have built in software to help with internet connection problems. this is how it is executed.

on a mac:

  • close all open apps and try connecting to your wi-fi network.
  • then click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner.
  • type “wireless diagnostics” in the search bar and press return.
  • Follow the instructions and the program will analyze your connection, flag any problems and provide potential solutions.

on a windows 10 pc:

  • go to home > settings > network & internet > status > network troubleshooter. follow the steps and the program will try to solve your problem.

reset your wireless network

If you’ve tried everything else and your computer still won’t connect to Wi-Fi, try resetting your network. make sure you have your wireless password, as you will need to rejoin the network after resetting it.

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on a mac:

  1. go to the apple menu and click system preferences > network.
  2. select wi-fi from the menu on the left and click the minus button. then click apply.
  3. click the plus button and select wi-fi from the interface dropdown menu. then click create and click apply.
  4. find your network in the network name menu.
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on a computer:

  1. go to home > settings > network & internet > status > network reset.
  2. click reset now. your laptop will remove its network adapters, then reboot and reinstall them. you may need to reinstall any vpn software you are using.
  3. go back to wi-fi settings and try to connect to your network.

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