Why is my RTH6500WF Smart Series Programmable Thermostat not connecting to my WiFi?

Why is my RTH6500WF Smart Series Programmable Thermostat not connecting to my WiFi?

  1. Connect your mobile device to the thermostat’s Wi-Fi network (named new_thermostat xxxxxx).
  2. Using a web browser on your mobile device, access the thermostat’s “Wi-Fi settings”. and select your home network. then, enter your password.
  3. visit mytotalconnectcomfort.com and register your product for remote use.

If you can’t complete the Wi-Fi connection process or your device was previously connected and working normally, try unplugging the router. wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. repeat the steps with your thermostat.

Next, check the thermostat display. If the Wi-Fi signal bars are visible, your device has reconnected successfully. if the wi-fi icon is crossed out, continue troubleshooting.

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  1. connect your mobile device directly to the thermostat’s wi-fi network (named new_thermostat xxxxxx).
    • If you don’t see “wifi setup” on the screen, your thermostat may have previously connected to a different wifi network. to “forget” the previous network.

    press and hold the “fan” button and the “up” arrow simultaneously until the screen changes. press “next” until “39” is displayed on the left side of the screen. press the “up” or “down” arrows until the right side of the screen changes from 1 to 0. select “done”. Wait two minutes for “wifi settings” to appear on the thermostat screen.

    On your mobile device, turn on airplane mode, turn on wi-fi, then select and connect to the “new thermostat xxxxxx” network. If your phone can connect to multiple networks, choose to “forget” all others except your preferred Wi-Fi network.

    You may receive a pop-up window or notification stating “this network does not have internet access”. this may be common. select “stay signed in” and continue troubleshooting.

    Open a web browser on your mobile device. If you are not automatically directed to a “Thermostat Wi-Fi Settings” page, enter in the browser’s address window.

    *if the “thermostat wi-fi settings” page does not appear, go to “settings” on your mobile device and verify a connection to the “new thermostat xxxxxx” network. stay connected to this network until you program in your home wi-fi and password in “wi-fi thermostat”. features such as “smart switch” (or any that automatically disconnect or reconnect the phone to alternate networks) should be disabled until the thermostat connection process is complete. You may need assistance from your phone manufacturer to verify that these settings are disabled, or try connecting with another mobile device.

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    select your home wi-fi network and enter the password.

    *if your home wi-fi network is not listed, verify that it is broadcasting a 2.4ghz signal and not a hidden, business/enterprise or guest network. you may need help from your internet service provider or router support to check network and security type. go to your thermostat screen and select the message displayed on your mobile device. Once “success” is displayed, the thermostat has connected to the local Wi-Fi network.

    *skip this step if you registered the device to your account and were able to control it from the web portal or mobile app in the past. log in to the web portal or tcc app and control your thermostat like before.

    *if you get the message “thermostat is already registered”, please contact the previous owner and ask them to remove the thermostat from their web portal. or contact resideo customer service for help deregistering your device.

    If it still doesn’t work, connect and register your thermostat to a mobile hotspot or alternate Wi-Fi network. this allows log data to bypass network security measures and cause the connection to fail. Once successfully registered, perform a Wi-Fi reset to move the thermostat to your home network.

    if you experience an inability to connect, failed to register or frequent loss of wi-fi signal, please check the following: *you may need help from your internet service provider or router support to check and change settings .

    You are connecting to a 2.4 ghz bandwidth network. concurrent 2.4/5ghz networks experiencing connectivity failures may require calibration of a separate 2.4ghz network.

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    You are connecting directly to the router signal. it is not recommended to connect to signal boosters, satellites or extenders.

    Commercial networks are not supported, including enterprise networks, guest networks, or those that require login through a web page or portal.

    Gateways or network switches are not supported and may block communications.

    static networks are not supported. using the wpa2-aes network security protocol, dhcp-enabled security, and a mixed wpa2 security type is recommended.

    upnp/p2p is enabled

    band steering is disabled

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