Can't Create New Facebook Account and How to Fix it

Can’t Create New Facebook Account and How to Fix it

Facebook is a social network and is used by many people. Creating a Facebook account is very popular and easy, can be done on both phones or laptops, but for various reasons, you cannot create a Facebook account with the message “Sorry, we cannot process your registration”.

Any! Let’s find out the cause and how to fix it.

Error Cannot Create Facebook Account

This is a common question that many Facebook users are interested in when you have completed all the steps as directed but still cannot register.

The failure to register an account is because you omitted the required information during the registration process such as full name, phone number, email,… These are mandatory information, if incomplete, you will not be able to complete the registration process can be done.

Can’t Create New Facebook Account and How to Fix it

Besides, the naming is too long and too detailed, which also makes the Facebook account registration process problematic. Therefore, when naming your account, you should not put it too long or have offensive words.

In addition, after successful account registration, if you skip the process of confirming the user’s email address or phone number, that account is very likely to be unusable!

How to fix it?

Sign up with an active email account

Only one Facebook account can be registered with each email, but if this email has been used to register another account, you will not receive a confirmation code from Facebook and after a while that account will be locked.

Therefore, you need to select an unused email to create any Facebook account provided that the email is still being used to create your Facebook account!

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Use an unregistered phone number for another Facebook account

You can only register one Facebook account per phone number. However, using 1 phone number for 2 Facebook accounts is still possible, but this is very risky because Facebook’s security system is increasingly improved.

If detected, you will be locked out of Facebook or disabled immediately. Therefore, you need to use an unregistered phone number for another Facebook account to create a new Facebook account.

Set true account name with Facebook account

When naming the account, it is required that you name it according to the terms that Facebook offers.

Your account name must not contain special characters, must be a regular and common name to avoid Facebook understanding that you created a virtual nick, created an account to spam.

In addition, the password must be 6 characters or more, including letters, numbers, and punctuation to ensure the password security is high to avoid the intrusion of other account your.

Check and enter the correct confirmation code, activate

When you have finished registering for a Facebook account and only have the final confirmation step, but you still do it wrong, the account cannot be activated.

If you use email to create a Facebook account, after registering you need to confirm by clicking on the link that Facebook sent to the email you used to register above to proceed with information confirmation.

If you use your phone number to register, you need to enter the exact confirmation code sent by Facebook via SMS to confirm the information and activate your account.

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Create account on

If registering by phone does not work, please try to do it again on your computer via and then proceed to create an account as usual!

Report to the Facebook support center

If you’ve tried all the ways and you still can’t create an account, then you need to contact Facebook’s support center for help.

Step 1: Access the Facebook support center by the following link : Help Center

Step 2: Fill in your personal information to verify with Facebook, click I agree > Click Submit.

The Facebook help center will then check and respond to assist you as soon as possible.

So we have guided you to fix the most common mistakes in creating a Facebook account.

We have tried to provide the most detailed instructions in the hope of helping the best we can. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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