Blufree Pool Speaker with Lights,Bluetooth Portable Speaker-User Guide - Manuals

Blufree Pool Speaker with Lights,Bluetooth Portable Speaker-User Guide – Manuals

Blufree Pool Speaker with Lights,Bluetooth Portable Speaker-User Guide – Manuals

Blufree pool speaker how to connect


blufree pool speaker with lights, portable bluetooth speaker



  • speaker type: outdoor
  • connectivity technology: bluetooth
  • power supply : battery powered
  • speaker maximum output power: 6 watts
  • audio output mode: surround, stereo
  • waterproof rating: ip67
  • battery: 2500 mah
  • bluetooth: 5.0
  • range: 82 feet


the floating pool speaker features eight different flash pattern options. After a long and stressful day at work, you can relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere by using the portable bluetooth speaker when music and bright light mix together to create an amazing scene. This bluetooth speaker with light is popular for indoor and outdoor use, at the beach, during sports events, at home, during parties, in the bathtub and in the shower. the lighting is especially impressive when used in a pool at night. Based on IP67 waterproof rating, internal components are protected for 30 minutes when submerged in water up to 3 feet deep. Great as a beach speaker, hot tub speaker, shower speaker, etc. This small wireless speaker has a unique design that allows it to float in any type of aquatic environment. This waterproof portable bluetooth speaker can play up to 8 hours on a single charge thanks to a larger 2500mAh rechargeable battery.

This wireless bluetooth speaker uses bluetooth 5.0 technology, making it quick and easy to connect to your iphone, ipad, android device, tablet, computer and other bluetooth devices. You won’t miss any crucial calls while taking a shower or swimming in the pool thanks to the built-in microphone and wireless connectivity range of up to 82ft (25m).

The portable waterproof speaker’s 6W speaker produces impressively loud and clear stereo sound, even when the shower is running. Even at maximum volume, the wireless outdoor speaker’s indoor sound produces distortion-free stereo sound. The waterproof bluetooth speaker is ideal for all indoor and outdoor activities due to its increased volume.

how to connect

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  • any speaker can control music level, previous/next song change and other functions in tws mode.

how to reset

make sure you press and hold both buttons simultaneously. you should only need to do this briefly with most bluetooth speakers. The power and bluetooth buttons must be pressed and held simultaneously for almost all bluetooth speakers to reset.

how to fix bluetooth pairing issue

  • reset bluetooth after power off. learn how to turn bluetooth on and off.
  • verify that your devices are connected and paired. discover bluetooth pairing and connection techniques.
  • reset your electronic devices. find out how to restart your pixel or nexus phone.

frequently asked questions

  • on my bluetooth speaker, where is the reset button?there is a small button with a hole with the word “reset” on it in the control section of the device, often hidden by a rubber cover. To press this button, use a pencil or other pointed object. when you hear the device turn off, press and hold the “volume down” and “power” keys simultaneously for about 6 seconds.
  • why won’t my wireless speaker work?both device volumes must be turned up. make sure the music is playing on your source device. move the bluetooth speaker as far as possible from metal objects and other devices that may cause interference. make sure nothing is plugged into the wireless speaker’s audio-in port.
  • why won’t my device pair?if your bluetooth devices won’t connect, they probably won’t are connected. pairing mode or out of range. try restarting your devices or letting your phone or tablet “forget” the connection if you experience persistent bluetooth connection issues.
  • my bluetooth transmitter won’t connect, why?when the transmitter is on, please press the power button twice to clear the connection history if the transmitter cannot pair with your bluetooth device. wait until the led indicator alternately flashes red and blue. restarting the transmitter will connect it once more.
  • why is my bluetooth speaker not working even though it is connected?often this is due to a broken or poor bluetooth network trustworthy. You need to unpair the device first to fix this issue. turn on the speaker again, then pair it with the bluetooth device again. you will need to completely remove the pairing data from your devices if the problem persists.
  • why is my bluetooth speaker not making any sound?make sure the volume on your computer is not be silenced. . restart the audio player app after closing it. the bluetooth® feature on your computer should be turned off and then back on. remove the speaker from the list of bluetooth devices that are currently paired, then pair it once again.
  • what is the volume control procedure of the bluetooth speaker?by pressing the button volume control on a bluetooth device or paired phone, you can adjust the volume of the device.
  • are there bluetooth water speakers?the aux port is the only way to connect them to your devices. they lack bluetooth and are not wireless. The speakers must be connected to a device with a usb port in order to be powered because they are powered by usb (pc adapter or power bank). audio quality is not particularly good.
  • can a speaker be filled with water?you can see the hole where the water was inserted at the bottom of the water container. the hole will be covered by a black plug. you can pull out the plug with your screwdriver. you can restock the speakers after removing the plug.
  • how can i connect my pc to my dancing water speakers?use the usb power cable to connect the left speaker to your computer. use a 3.5mm micro jack cable to connect the left speaker to the portable media player. page 2 Pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules, this equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device.

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