How to Pair Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker? - Audioviser

How to Pair Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker? – Audioviser

How to Pair Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker? – Audioviser

Altec lansing how to connect bluetooth

The unwritten rule for listening to loud music is therapy. That delicious experience you get from the excellent sound system, like the Altec Lansing speaker, will set the music bar too high to reach.

bluetooth speakers became popular and admired in the music market, but in this case, the altec lansing speaker has an outstanding performance. then you have made a good choice.

The problem after buying a bluetooth speaker is the pairing mode. If you just got an Altec Lansing speaker and have no idea how to pair it, keep reading.

As you know, the Altec Lansing bluetooth speaker is compatible with all devices such as windows, android, ios and tvs.

there are 4 steps to complete pairing mode on altec lansing bluetooth speaker

  1. go to settings of your current device and turn on bluetooth connection.
  2. make sure altec lansing bluetooth speaker is turned on and fully charged.
  3. now waiting time…
  4. after a while, the name will appear on the screen. just press it and go. enjoy!

how to pair altec lansing bluetooth speaker on ios and android device operating system?

It is very easy to put the Altec Lansing bluetooth speaker into pairing mode with smartphones, whether they are Android or iOS devices. hold the speaker for 5-8 seconds to power on and then sync.

the rules apply to both android smartphones/devices and ios operating systems.

how to pair altec lansing bluetooth speaker on windows and apple mac computer?

so yeah, pairing it on an android device and an ios device, it wasn’t that hard, it’s not rocket science to pair it on windows, mac or even other devices.

bluetooth works the same way on all bluetooth devices. if you’re looking for a great matchmaking process, drop that thought right away.

Just a quick reminder that no matter what device you’re pairing with, always turn on the speaker first.

pairing altec lansing speaker on windows op

open the bluetooth menu on your computer and wait for the altec lansing speakers name to appear. all you have to do is click to connect.

If you have windows 10 operating system, you may need to try to pair it a couple of times. keep repeating the same process until you’re ready.

pairing altec lansing bluetooth speaker on apple mac op

Just because the operating system is different doesn’t mean the process takes more steps on apple mac. again, don’t forget to turn on the speaker until you see the blue light flash.

applies the same process as on a windows computer. go to bluetooth on your mac, wait a bit and then click connect. very easy.

how to pair altec lansing speaker on tv?

if you didn’t know you can connect your tv to the altec lansing bluetooth speaker, it’s a shame you underestimated the technology.

The pairing process with the television is a little different than with other devices. there are 2 alternative approaches for the connection. Let’s see together which one is easier.

  1. physical connection with hdmi cable.
  2. bluetooth connection.

for the physical connection, you must have an hdmi cable. On the back of your TV, you’ll see a noticeable place that says HDMI. take the cable and put it there. on the other side of the cable, you need to insert it into the hdmi arc port located on the back of the altec lansing speaker.

If you don’t have a high quality hdmi cable, the sound quality may not provide the best performance. To see if you have a quality hdmi cable, please pair with another device first and then with your TV. this way you won’t blame the altec lansing bluetooth speaker for no reason.

for bluetooth connection, you need to go to settings and find where the bluetooth app is located. Once you have found the app, turn it on and wait for the Altec Lansing speaker name to appear. click on it and voila.

why the altec lansing speaker is not in pairing mode?

it often happens that bluetooth devices won’t pair and generally speaking i don’t just mean your altec lansing speaker.

No matter how many times you have repeated the process, the speaker will not enter pairing mode. the first thing is to try to restart the system by pressing the volume up and down at the same time and waiting like 5 seconds to cooperate.

This will return the speaker to factory settings. repeat the pairing process again.

If you want to go further in the repair, this video might help.

what’s so special about altec lansing bluetooth speakers?

You can think why I would choose to buy a bluetooth speaker from this brand. I’m about to list many features that will convince you to get one.


most altec lansing speakers can connect to more than 2 devices simultaneously. the number varies by model, of course, but you can connect 50 devices while in use. some models include wireless charging pads that are sold separately.

battery life

another thing to appreciate about the altec lansing speakerphone is the battery life. we don’t want the best part of the song to be interrupted by the drums. When you choose Altec Lansing, you receive 6 to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. For longer battery life, you can opt for more expensive options that provide 20 to 30 hours on a single charge. it’s up to you.

bluetooth range

Bluetooth range is not a feature that can be left out, otherwise we wouldn’t be buying bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth range indicates the distance between your speaker and the connected device. The average Bluetooth range of Altec Lansing speakers is approximately 30 feet for less expensive models and up to 50 feet for more expensive ones.

waterproof feature

not all, but many of the altec lansing bluetooth speakers have waterproof features. this will allow you to take it with you both in the shower and at pool parties.

Overall, the altec lansing bluetooth speaker is practically a compact bluetooth speaker, so taking it with you will be a piece of cake.

final thoughts

The pairing process is very easy and takes less than 2 minutes. Turn on the speakerphone and bluetooth on your phone, wait a bit and click when the altec lansing name appears. the process is repeated on each television, smartphone and portable device.

the specialties of altec lansing speakers never end, but the most important features like battery life, connectivity and bluetooth range will convince you to buy one.

so yes, a bluetooth speaker is a great device for anyone and the altec lansing speakers are something worth considering.

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