3M WorkTunes Connect AM/FM Hearing Protector headphones-Complete FeaturesInstruction Guide - Manuals

3M WorkTunes Connect AM/FM Hearing Protector headphones-Complete FeaturesInstruction Guide – Manuals

3M WorkTunes Connect AM/FM Hearing Protector headphones-Complete FeaturesInstruction Guide – Manuals

3m worktunes how to connect bluetooth


3m worktunes connect + am/fm hearing protector headphones



  • noise reduction index: 24 db,
  • bluetooth: 5.0,
  • cable length : 3.5 m audio cable,
  • item weight: 13.6 ounces,
  • product dimensions: 4.06 x 7.13 x 8.56 inches,
  • batteries: 2 aa batteries required,
  • material: synthetic,
  • power supply: ‎ac/dc,
  • special features: ‎microphone,
  • average battery life: ‎8 hours

3m Worktunes are Bluetooth wireless headphones that have a stylish and comfortable design and offer high fidelity sound. This state-of-the-art hearing protection allows you to make and receive phone conversations with ease.


Equipped with bluetooth wireless technology, these ear protection headphones allow you to stream music from your smartphone or other mobile device while offering hearing protection in noisy areas.


The lightweight, low-profile design was created with aesthetics in mind. For longer wear, built-in comfort features like soft ear cushions and a hat-compatible headband are ideal. reach for the 3m worktunes connect hearing protector with bluetooth wireless technology to help make your work day enjoyable and, more importantly, comfortable, whether you’re using a power saw or mowing the lawn.


These are very comfortable headphones. the earphones cover the ears and prevent noise cancellation. these headphones are fully padded and easy to use.

how to pair 3m headphones

  • To enter pairing mode, double press the button on the right earbud after power on.
  • You will hear “bluetooth pairing on”. check that your bluetooth enabled device is scanning.
  • check if “worktunes connect” has been identified on your device.
  • to connect to the hearing protector, select “worktunes connect” .”
  • you will hear “bluetooth connected” and the led indicator on the right earbud will turn blue after it is connected successfully.
  • your device will regulate the level of your bluetooth audio.
  • the next time you turn on your hearing protector, it will instantly connect to your smartphone and display the message “bluetooth connected”.

play or stop the music:

  • you can use the button on the right cup to stop or play audio on your smartphone.
  • double click the button to advance songs.
  • to go back to the previous track, tap triple.
  • Some devices may not support this functionality, so you’ll need to use the controls that come with them.

incoming calls:

  • In bluetooth mode, incoming phone calls mute the music and you hear your phone’s ringtone until the call ends.
  • To answer an incoming call, press the button of the hearing protector once. To end a call, simply press the button once more. “call ended” will be heard once you are disconnected from the call.
  • press and hold the button to reject a call and return to bluetooth® audio. “call terminated” will be heard when you reject a call.



how to use 3m headphones



  • to turn on or turn off the headset
  • press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  • “power on” or “power off” will be announced via assistance voice.


low battery signal:

  • When the battery voltage is low, the hearing protector will issue a “low battery” alert every 20 minutes.
  • As the hearing protector turns off, an additional warning will appear of “empty battery”. will appear.
  • Now it’s time to recharge the device.


auto power off:

  • Hearing protection will automatically turn off 5 minutes after bluetooth or audio input is disconnected.
  • To turn back on after auto power off, press and hold the power/ off for 3 seconds.




plug and play audio:

  • connect the device: Use a suitable 3 or 4 pole 3.5mm stereo audio cable to connect the device. turn on the hearing aid.
  • control device: to control input volume, pause/play, and choose tracks, use the native device controls.



  • good sound quality.
  • noise cancellation.
  • battery life.


  • poor with radio.

verdict: the 3m worktunes are good headphones with thin and comfortable ear cups. the sound quality is excellent with the noise cancellation function.

frequently asked question

  • what is the procedure to connect to 3m bluetooth worktunes?to use your worktunes earphones, turn them on and press the control button on the left earphone twice. Once in bluetooth pairing mode, your voice assistant will alert you. once in bluetooth pairing mode, worktunes connect should appear in your phone’s bluetooth list. when that name appears, tap it.
  • Is there a microphone on the 3m work tunes?although it does have a microphone, it’s for talking on the phone while wearing the earmuffs, not for someone sitting next to you who wants to talk to you…you’ll need to take them off to have a local conversation right away.
  • how long does it take to charge worktunes earphones?the charging time charging is between 20 and 30 minutes.
  • Is it true that 3m worktunes are waterproof?They are not waterproof.
  • what is the definition of hands-free telephony?hands-free telephony is a windows feature that allows you to make phone calls with a bluetooth headset. Since this service can occasionally create audio problems with bluetooth headsets, you may need to disable it to fix the problem.

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